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Capoeira involves strength, flexibility, endurance, and aerobic conditioning. Build up strength slowly, working within your own limitations. Everyone has something to contribute to and from Capoeira, regardless of body type, weight, sex and age. To get the most out of class, plan on attending every session.

Capoeira class usually has three parts, and will include body weight calisthenics and capoeira movements. In your first class, the instructor will go through all the basic movements with you to ensure you know how to do them with the proper form.First, classes generally begins with a few warm up exercises to get the blood flowing to the muscles and increase the heart rate.Second, there is practice of the basic capoeira movements, by themselves or in short combinations.Third, this part of class usually features a short circle (roda) where students use the movements learned in the earlier part of class to improvise and play the game of Capoeira.

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

Adult Classes*


Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

2868 Mission St.

San Francisco CA 94110

Tuesday & Friday

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Drop-in cost = $15

Key note

Please let the instructor know of any injures you may have before class

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